The Who's famous rock opera tells the story of a deaf, dumb and blind boy who becomes a pinball wizard

Directors were
Dan Meigh and
Randall Lewton

Musical Director
was Sam Sheppard

" Ten years old with thoughts as bold as thought can be . . "
The Walkers' wedding
" I'm the school bully . . ."
" Let's think of a game to play . . "
" I'll tear your soul apart . . "
" See me, feel me,
Touch me, heal me "
" He seems to be completely unreceptive . . "
" The tests we gave him make no sense at all . . "
" I'm a sensation . . "
" On the amazing journey, together we'll ride . . "
" Listening to you,
I get the music . . "

Cast & Crew

Sam Meadows
Ben Usher
Bill Pasterfield
Kate McKenna
Ben Longthorne
Tom Fraser
Daniel Johnson
Anna Simpson
Becky Povall
David Spencer
Jamie Barwood
Josh McGuire
Tim Brennan
Andy Moorhouse
Ed Dove
Georgia Banton
Piers Harrison
Alasdair Ferguson
Daniel Wheller
Jessica Purves
Alex Vick
Sam Sheppard
Rob Wood
Mike Bovill
Emma Kewley
Chris Donnan
James Melling
Sam Broadbere
Jack Woods
Julie Dove
Deborah Williams
Brian Thompson
Rosemary Moorhouse
Gary Wood
Neil Redmond
Kevin McElhinney
Jane Fraser
Steve Norbury
Ben Greenfield
Jonathan Bamforth
Robert Platt-Higgins
Simon Watson
Owen Williams
James Flanagan
Tom Roberts
Tom Merriman