Our 2004 contribution
to the youth theatre
festival at
Teatro Quirino
in Rome.

Director was
Randall Lewton
Our performance at Teatro Quirino
The band

All our Italian shows feature
plenty of music.
" Quanto sei bella Roma "
Our first attempt to perform in Italian
A close shave
" The first cut is the deepest "
" We get a little crazy "
The team
Break in Piazza del Popolo

" Thank you for the pies. "
Pies I'll remember all my life
What's going on ?
" You're such a hairy guy"

Cast & Crew

Ed Dove
Matthew Pizer
Joe Danher
Will Jones
Jon Woods
Matthew Thompson
Alec Williams
Liam Capleton
Scott Hyland
Sam Sheppard
Josh Stephenson
Sammy Issa
Michael Williams
Kristian Baldock
Celyn Bricker
Dan Meigh
Brian Thompson
Gary Wood
Stewart Jones
Si Large
Eric Blakemore
Randall Lewton