Stephen Sondheim's musical featured
students from every year in the school.

Directors were
Randall Lewton and Dan Meigh

Musical Directors were
Chris Donnan and Rebecca Bird

Todd & Lovett

" What about the money ! "
" Mrs Lovett's meat pies
conjure up the treat pies
used to be"
" Why don't you run upstairs
with Mr Todd ?"
" I think we shall not meet again. "
" Alms ! Alms ! "
" Da King of Da Barbers
Da Barber of Kings "
" Marry me ! Marry me ! "
" Do they think that walls can hide you ? "
" See that man with hair like Shelley's ?"
" The years, no doubt
have changed me, sir"
" Freely flows the blood of
those who moralize"
" Swing your razor wide, Sweeney ! "
" Smoothly, smoothly"
" Won't you give me a chance ? "
" I'll steal you, Johanna "
" Where is this Pirelli ? "

Cast & Crew

Matthew Foster
Sarah Rimmington
Nick Jones
Lindsey Wootten
Conor Flanagan
Lucy Mayhew
Adam Stubbs
Jamie Barwood
Jordan Hayden
Ben Fry
Richard Thompson
Tom Martin
Jacob Pearson
Ben Usher
Jo Weaver
Nick Brew
Tom Rampton
Andrew Donnan
Sebastian Gibney
Patrick Bell
Lawrence Quirk
Jake Williams
Sam Thompson
Lewis Manning
Marian Muller
Matthew Dacombe
William Mooney
Jack Howse
Peter Weller
James Ashton
Kristan Lacy
Alex Lewis
Frankie Wray
Charlie Beech
Daniel Corless
Niall Flanagan
Matthew Lakin
Connor Wray
Mat Oliphant
Kieran Lowe
Jordan Tucker
Jenny Baines
Elaine Sanderson
Sally Griffiths-Parry
Kirtana Vallebhenini
Richard Wilde
Rachael Thomas
Adam Tucker
Lauren Rowland
Gwen Baines
Andrew Vickers
Alasdair Wilde
Jo Lea
Patrick McKeag
Matthew Kemp
Gail Wilde
James Melling
Celia McSwaine
Jack Evans
Harry McSwaine
Ed Campbell
Chris Hurley
James Owens
Tom Hill
Dominic Hurley
Janice Carter
Callum McDougall
Sam Broadbere
Sabina Molyneux
Pauline Coates
Brian Thompson
Joe Higgins
Hannah Brown
Chris Yarrow
James McRedmond
Emily Collins
Joe McNeill
Edward Saunders
Joe Tasker
Nick Hare
Chris Sherlock
Kate Moreton
Matt Copley
Adam Smith
Andy Jones
Adam Cliffe
Jenni Scott
Steve Drewry