adapted by Mary Morris from Morris Gleitzman's novel

Dealing with cancer, AIDS, death and other children's issues, this was the story of a boy who is sent to London to protect him from the unfairness of the world. Once there, 12-year-old Colin thinks that if the doctors can't help, then he'll contact Her Majesty. He writes a letter: "Dear Your Majesty the Queen, I need to speak to you urgently about my brother Luke. He's got cancer and the doctors in Australia are being really slack."

The director was Randall Lewton.

"I'm not allowed to give blood !"
" Now that was soppy ! "
" Please tell the Queen that Colin Mudford is here from Australia. "

" H for hospital or C for cancer ? "
" It's Welsh. It means 'forever' "

Cast & Crew

Nick Brew
Oli Guest
Mat Oliphant
Tom Cox
Alex Herbert
Jacob Pearson
Justin Blanchard
Ben Usher
Marian Muller
Oliver Clark
Adam Hughes
Ella Pearson
Michael Scott

Randall Lewton
Brian Thompson
Owen Williams
Jonathan Bamforth
Simon Watson
Ben Greenfield
Adam Jones
Andy Smith