The Ancient Mariner

Coleridge's epic poem was
given an unconventional
treatment and was performed
by a cast drawn from years
seven, eight, nine and ten with
music byThe Trigger Hippies.

The play was directed by
Randall Lewton
So this is a swound !
You have done a hellish thing !

" O Mariner, you have killed the bird
That makes the breeze to blow! "
" It had been strange, even in a dream
To have seen those dead men rise"
Zombie sailor
The bird that brought the fog and mist
" Instead of the cross, the albatross
About my neck was hung"
" The dead men stood together. "
More zombie sailors
The ancient mariner rocks
" Fear at my heart, as at a cup
My life-blood seemed to sip !"

" There was a ship !"
I have strange power of speech
The Trigger Hippies
The Trigger Hippies
" As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean."
Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink !
Poetry expert
" Archaic language "
" It grew wondrous cold "
Shiver me timbers !
 What loud uproar !
" May'st hear the merry din "
He played the loud bassoon
It was actually a guitar

Cast & Crew

Fraser Rieley
Tom Cox
Mat Oliphant
Richard Leeman
Ben Usher
Daniel Wheller
Dan Longthorne
Phil Roughsedge
Oscar Ellioth
Greg Knight
Michael Clayton
Dominic Johnson
Max Cooper
Jack Morgan
Luke Patterson
Owen Williams
Brian Thompson
Jonathan Bamforth
James Flanagan
Tom Roberts
Simon Watson
Ben Greenfield
Neil Redmond
Randall Lewton