This was our biggest
production ever, involving
students of all ages and
staff from many different
departments of the school.

Do you hear the people sing ?
Bring me home

Musical directors

Clare McDonald
Mary Chaffe


Randall Lewton
Dan Meigh
I stare into the void
God on high, hear my prayer
Above - Andrew Campbell
as Inspector Javert

Left - Ed Dove
as Jean Valjean
"Shall you carry our treasure away ?"

The Thenardiers & Cosette
 The Thenardiers   James Conlon   Charlie Lawson
Eponine   Lindsay Brocken
"A world that's full of happiness
that I have never known"
"Empty chairs at empty tables"
Marius    Alex Morton
The music of a people who will not be slaves again
Enjolras, Gavroche & Lesgles
"Good Monsieur, you come from
God in Heaven"
Valjean and Fantine
Enjolras   Jon Woods
" Red - the blood
of angry men ! "
" You need somebody quicker
and I volunteer "
Death of Gavroche
One Day More
" Most of them are goners
So they won't miss much "
" I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living"
Fantine   Sarah Emerson
One Day More
" Tomorrow we'll discover
What our God in Heaven
has in store ! "

Cast & Crew

Ed Dove
Andrew Campbell
Sarah Emerson
Alex Morton
James Conlon
Charlie Lawson
Lindsay Brocken
Jon Woods
Chris Nielson
Mike Sherlock
Nick Edmondson
Jake Dodd
Sam Meadows
Matthew Rimmer
Peter Darwent
Tom Higginbottom
Alex Harrison
Rob Morton
Bill Pasterfield
Matt Thompson
Martin Dowdall
Tom Schofield
Alex Edward
Jen Burke
Sarah Ashworth
Stef Ormesher
Jo Weldon
Bridget Mason
Brigid O'Malley
Bethany Ling
Maria Welsh
Alexandra Vick
Stephanie Parr
Aimee Ingman
Alex Clark
James Bridson
Alec Williams
Matthew Jones
Jenny Morris
Hannah Lipsey
Joe Hillyard
Julian Muller
Robert Stockill
Arjun Chandna
Richard Powell
Elizabeth Sprigge
Kate Holmes
Faye Riley
Jack Corlett
Deborah Williams
Joan Cooper
Ant Cliffe
Sabina Molyneux
Gary Wood
Barbara Mackie
Tom Beresford
Noni Gallagher
Chris Birmingham
Pam Dove
Julie Dove
Helen Edmondson
Chris Donnan
Vicky Baird
Alex Fisher
Andrew Farrell
Claire Knapman
Adam Hughes
Fran Bowerbank
Gemma Fox
Brian Thompson
Steve Norbury
Gary Kendrick
John Copestake
Ian Jameson
James Flanagan
Greg Jones
Ben Greenfield
Jonathan Bamforth
Chris Harland
Chris Tann
Andrew Goodchild
Mary Chaffe
Clare McDonald
Randall Lewton
Dan Meigh