We travelled to Italy to take part in the annual youth theatre festival organised by the Associazione Culturale "Romeo Collalti" in Rome.



This was the fifth time we had taken part in the festival which is held at the prestigious Teatro Quirino in the centre of Rome.


Our thanks to Dr Massimo Collalti, the president of the Associazione, who greeted us warmly and invited us to a reception at the RAI (Italian State Broadcasting Organisation) Club.

We also visited our old friends at the Convitto Nazionale School in Naples and performed the show for the students there.

We are very grateful to Gabriella, Prof. Racioppi, Pasquale and the other educatori and staff at the Convitto for inviting us and for making all the arrangements.


Our third performance was for the students at the Liceo "Enrico Fermi" in Gaeta, a coastal resort between Rome and Naples.

We also found time in our busy schedule to do some sightseeing, to visit the beach at Ostia and even to do some busking in Piazza Navona.

Arrangements are made through Signora Nunzia Bertali, Italian Consul in Birkenhead. Our thanks once again for all the trouble she takes to make sure we have a good time.

Randall Lewton again directed the show and Rob Pickstone accompanied us to look after the students and to help from time to time with the backing vocals. Special thanks to Dan, Stew and Si of Off The Ground, who once again drove all our equipment to Italy and took charge backstage for the shows.



Tom Gorton
Robert Southworth
Tim Waring
David Powell
Tom Page
Charlie Van Der Meer
Arjun Chandna
John Hyslop
David Larkin
Greg Baldock

Dan Meigh
Stewart Jones
Simon Large