by Tim Firth
Music by Madness

It's the simple equation of wrong versus right

Musical directors were James Melling and Rebecca Bird
Directors were Dan Meigh, Randall Lewton and Andy Byron

It's raining again

Production photographs courtesy of

My girl's mad at me
The Surprise Harmony !

One single unalarmed
downstairs window
Give Danny a call
He never came home

Standing up in
the falling down
It gets better every day

Cast & Crew

Tom Martin
Conor Flanagan
Anna Roland
Ben Bridson
Ollie Thomson
Lily Waddington
Sara Farahat
Sarah Rimmington
Jordan Hayden
Connor Wray
Joel Bates
Sarah Gallacher
Niall Flanagan
Elle Lawrenson
Nick Jones
Mat Oliphant
Ben Usher
Harry Clark
Harry Cross
Hannah Burns
Sean Walker
Kristan Lacy
Chris Donnan
Marian Muller
Jake Williams
Gabriel Reavey
Calum Collins
Callum Tait
Isaac Collister
Matt O'Brien
Patrick Downie
Will Mooney
Oscar Zapete-Keene
Katie McColl
Evie Oxton
Jonathan Roland
Adam Hughes
James Melling
Andrew Smith
Adam Jones
Joe Denniss
Andrew Donnan
Jack Clark
Sam Broadbere
Asher Winterson
Harry McSwaine
Pauline Coates
Sabina Molyneux
Brian Thompson
Bob Gooding
Jane Fraser
Chris Yarrow
James McRedmond
Emily Collins
Sam Thompson
Edward Saunders
Joe Tasker
Joe McNeil
Adam Cliffe