This was an updated musical version of the Faust legend and our 2003 entry at the youth theatre festival organised by the Associazione Culturale "Romeo Collalti" at the prestigious Teatro Quirino in Rome.

The play featured eighteen musical numbers and told the story of a troubled teenager who sold his soul to the devil in return for fame, money, girls and a backing band.

Above Ali Faust pleads with Satan

The formidably talented performers all played musical instruments as well as handling all the acting and singing in the show.
The show was first performed at Calday before the students set off for Italy. First stop was the Convitto Nazionale, a school in Naples with which Calday has long-standing connections.
There the show was performed to an enthusiastic audience who mobbed the bemused students after the final curtain, demanding autographs.
The school is very grateful to Off The Ground Theatre who kindly took responsibility for the transportation of props, costumes, sound equipment and musical instruments to Italy and helped with the supervision of the students.

After visits to Pompeii and Sorrento, where the students gave some impromptu open-air concerts, came the Rome performance before a critical judging panel.
Calday were the only English representatives at the festival and everyone felt that national honour was at stake.
Our thanks also to Nunzia Bertali, Italian consul in Liverpool, for her assistance in organising the trip and helping us with translations.
" Tonight I'm a rock 'n' roll star ! "
" Then I came along and helped you sing a song . . . "

Cast & Crew

Rory Taylor
Peter Raven
Peter Barrie
Warren Adjeriou
Rory Malkin
Chris Jeffreys
Ben Boscoe
Ben Sheppard
Tom Higham
Freddie Draper
David Dowler
Scott Lucas

Rob Pickstone
Dan Meigh
Stewart Jones
Simon Large
Randall Lewton