Shakespeare's most farcical
comedy was performed by
an all-male cast drawn
from years eight, nine
and ten.

The play was directed by
Randall Lewton
Dromio and Antipholus of Ephesus
Dromio and Antipholus of Syracuse

" Here we wander in illusions. "
" Satan, avoid ! I charge thee,
tempt me not !"
The courtesan is greeted with suspicion.
Like brother and brother
" Embrace thy brother there;
rejoice with him. "
" Thou hast no husband yet,
nor I no wife. "
What, are you mad ?
Thou whoreson, senseless villain !
" Good sir, be patient ! "

" The fellow is distract and so am I. "
Antipholus of Syracuse
Antipholus of Ephesus
" Thou drunken slave ! "

Cast & Crew

James Horrocks
Josh McGuire
Adam Johnson
Elliot Kinnear
Mark Thorne
Sam Meadows
Joe Howard
James Marshall
Stephen Farrar
Daniel Walsh
Chris McGrory
Peter Darwent
Jake Dodd
Simon Tysoe
Josh Somerville
Adam Stubbs
Brian Thompson
Gary Wood
Chris Sherlock
Chris Birmingham
Jonathan Bamforth
Ben Greenfield
James Flanagan
Ant Cliffe
Jordan Walton
Jack Cawthorn
Warren Norton
Randall Lewton