On our 2005 Italian tour
we presented a musical version
of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
entirely in Italian.

Director was
Randall Lewton
Performance at Teatro Potlach
Convitto Nazionale school, Naples

As usual, we performed
at the Convitto Nazionale
in Naples . . .
. . . and for the first time
this year we took the show
to the beautiful hilltop
town of Fara Sabina as guests
of Teatro Potlach.
The team in Fara
I'm alive
Geoffrey Chaucer (almost) brought back to life.
A member of the Teatro Potlach audience gets involved
 Let The Good Times Roll
Marcel   Piazza Navona
With the legendary Marcel
in Piazza Navona, Rome

" I see we're in for nasty weather "
 Bad Moon Rising
" Quista e l'ura ca n'ima sci "

Cast & Crew

John Donaldson
Sam Meadows
Jake Dodd
Pete Darwent
Simon Tysoe
Bill Pasterfield
Graeme Larkin
Chris McGrory
Dan Johnson
Greg Edwards
Mike Sherlock
Andy Moorhouse
Brian Thompson
Gary Wood
Stewart Jones
Si Large
Dan Meigh
Randall Lewton