This production told the stories of Sheherazade and Ali Baba but also included some of the lesser known stories from the collection.

Students from every year in the school took part in the show, which was directed by Randall Lewton and Dan Meigh.

Ja'afar confronts a fisherman - a scene from The Three Apples.


The wife who
wouldn't eat meets
the flesh-eating
ghoul !

The key moment from How Abu Hassan Broke Wind.

The Little Beggar performs his act.

Sidi visits a sorcerer - The Wife Who Wouldn't Eat

The Vizier in some distress.


Ali Baba tells his tale.


Matthew Pizer
James Horrocks
Andrew Rimmer
John Tysoe
Marie Traill
Andrew Gilbert
Aaron Hefferin
Will Jones
Adam Hughes
James Marsland
Jake Dodd
John Donaldson
Joseph Oldham
Richard Hoyle
Mike Sherlock
Mark Kaye
Peter Hardie
Nick Edmondson
Jonathan Curry
Anish Pandey
Ashley Pettit
James Deighton

Brian Thompson
Tom Beresford
David Morgan
Chris Birmingham
Nathan Myers
Lee Jennings
Ant Cliffe
David Roberts
Tom Lewis
George Sykes
Keith Hill
Gary Wood
Greg Baldock
David Larkin
Chris Mainey
David Williams
Simon Wharton
Jonathan Robinshaw
Chris Bogin
Oliver Singleton
Nick Williams
John Hyslop