An inter-planetary,
fighting fantasy

This show featured students in years seven, eight and nine with some cameo appearances from sixth-formers and staff.

" There are no
drugs in this
house ! "

" Sunshine came softly through my window today."
The play was written and directed by
Randall Lewton.

" I'll wear my
loon pants !"

The skateboard team.

The Cast and Crew

James Horrocks Bill Pasterfield Matthew Pizer
Jake Dodd Charis Parr Dan Meigh
Chris Jones Martin Woods Salim Hammad
Ben Fraser Tom Bunnell Aaron Hefferin
Jim Corrigan Eric Blakemore Daniel Walsh
James Conlon Mike Sherlock Matt Rimmer
Peter Darwent Rob Morton Dan Holsgrove
Matt Fazakerley Ashley Pettit Guy Jones
Tom Saunders Alex Potts Nick Shingler
Chris Smith Brian Thompson Tom Beresford
David Morgan Chris Birmingham Nathan Myers
Lee Jennings Ant Cliffe David Roberts
Tom Lewis George Sykes Gary Wood
Jon Robinshaw Simon Wharton Greg Baldock
David Larkin James Lacey Adam Grocott