by Christopher Marlowe

But what are kings when regiment is gone
But perfect shadows in a sunshine day ?

What greater bliss can hap to Gaveston
Than live and be the favourite of a king !
This tottered ensign of my ancestors
Which swept the desert shore of that dead sea
Whereof we got the name of Mortimer
Will I advance upon these castle walls !

None be so hardy as to touch the king
But neither spare you Gaveston nor his friends.

FILLFILLTraitor ! In me my loving father speaks
FILLFILAnd plainly saith, 'twas thou that murd'redst him !
Edward is my son and I will keep him !
The prince I rule, the queen I do command
The proudest lords salute me as I pass.
Father, this life contemplative is heaven.
Proud traitor, Mortimer, why dost thou chase
Thy lawful king, thy sovereign, with thy sword ?

Cast & Crew

Connor Wray
Marian Muller
Ben Bridson
Michael Scott
Richard Cruttenden
Hannah Burns
Tom Martin
Matthew Wright
Mat Oliphant
Joel Bates
Harry Cross
Jake Williams
Sean Walker
Ollie Thomson
Ben Sledge
Bobby Fiddaman
Kristan Lacy
Andy Smith
Jordan Squire
Gabriel Reavey
Andrew Ridgway
Niall Flanagan
James Macauley
Jonathan Roland
Daniel Steer
Elliott Davis
Conor Norris
Jeroen Saccheri
Ben Pettit
James Bennett
Jamie Duggan
James Martin
Oliver Kelly
Adam Clift
Sara Farahat
Will Flush
Peter Sledge
Luke Balmer
Ben Hamlett
Adam Cureton
Stuart Went
Adam Keenan
Pauline Coates
Tesa Williams
Marion Flanagan
Brian Thompson
Chris Yarrow
James McRedmond
Emily Collins
Sam Thompson
Edward Saunders
Joe Tasker
Joe McNeil
Ben Evans
Ben Ezard
Josh Somerville
Lee Churchill
James Melling
Ben Lee
Harry McSwaine
Sam Broadbere


Randall Lewton
Rob Kavanagh
Dan Meigh